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Have your monthly donation automatically deducted from your checking or savings account, have it charged to your credit or debit card, or make a change to an existing account you have with us.

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You can give now safely and securely through our online giving platform. This allows for special, one-time donations that go to help the station.


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Five Star Fund

Something five star, means it’s the best it can be. Our Five Star Fund helps us keep the technology so vital to doing radio up to date with the best technology so you can continue enjoying our music.

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Business & Church Partners

Businesses and churches that support Spirit FM get underwriting acknowledgement on the air. Although we are a non-commercial station, we can say thanks to the business or church and give their name and location. To become a business or church partner, you must pledge at least $30 a month. The number of acknowledgements given in a month are broken down below:



  • 4 Mentions On-Air



  • 8 Mentions On-Air



  • Mentioned once a day On-Air



  • Mentioned twice a day On-Air

Annual Fundraising

Each year in November, we have a four day fund-raiser called Days of Glory. We also have a day and a half Days of Vision fund-raiser in May to allow new listeners to pledge their support. You can support Spirit FM by making a pledge anytime, however, not just during one of our fundraisers. Donations may be mailed to:

Spirit FM Radio
PO Box 800
Camdenton, MO 65020