October 29 - November 2, 2018

Thank you so much for deciding to go ALL IN with Spirit FM!

Your gift to this ministry enables us to go ALL IN in connecting people to God and each other.

Here is a perfect example of the connecting ministry of Spirit FM. Vickie wrote:
"On the day I was driving to my granddaughter’s celebration of life service, I was on hwy 32 coming into Buffalo. I called Jackie who was actually taking requests that day and requested “I Can Only Imagine.” Jackie asked me what was going on and when Jackie heard where I was going, she said she would put it on right away. But when the song came on, I realized that I was coming up on the “dead zone” where I always lose reception. That day it held all the way to Clinton without break or static. It never does that, ever. I knew it was the Lord and I thanked Him for Spirit FM being there to play that song."

Your pledge will make connections just like this one every day. Thank you so much for being a partner!

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