As we head into the Fall season, our attention at Spirit FM is on our Fall Fundraiser in November. This year we have picked as our theme:

“Love God – Love People.”

That is the simplest way to restate the actual mission of Spirit FM to connect you to God and each other.

But I want to dig a little deeper.

How to we love God?

He doesn’t need our love, but amazingly He wants it. I admit I’ve struggled trying to answer this question in my life. I am a “doer,” which means I try to show my love for God by doing stuff. I have trouble just being still before God. So how DO we love God. I’ve tried to narrow this down to a few things: 1) Make Him Lord. Put Him in control of your life; 2) Spend time with Him – in His Word, in prayer, in church and in your entertainment (read that radio listening); 3) Give to His kingdom purposes. That could be a lot of worthy causes, but just make sure you give to those ministries and works where you see the unmistakable Hand of God doing what only He can do.

The second part of our theme is:

Love People

This is somewhat like loving God. We can give of our time and resources to show our love. We can help those who need help. But we truly are loving people the most when we provide ways for them to get to know our God. That can be through all kinds of ministries, including Spirit FM. It’s not as easy as it once was. Most are not looking for God. A station like Spirit FM, however, can get past some of the walls that many put up because of the culture’s view of “church.”

Our Fall Fundraiser 2020 is November 9-13

You have an opportunity to Love God and Love People with your gift. And you don’t have to wait until November. You can fill out the enclosed response card and join the giving team this month. You can give online with your computer or mobile device at You can give some each month or give one time for the year. Just make sure you take time to pray and give as God leads.

These are exciting days at Spirit FM as God expanded our ministry even more in 2020. We have been able to show Jesus to health care workers, school workers and to many of you who have been affected by the pandemic. This is a great time to be a station that Connects You to God and Each Other. Come along for the ride and if you are not already giving, start today.

Listeners tell us how Spirit FM connects them to God and others….

“I’m a regular listener and I love it. Back in May, I was driving up to Maryville to visit my sister. As I listened to your one day fundraiser for the St. Joe station, I kept checking to see where it came in. I picked 91.1 up around Harrisonville and listened all the way to Maryville. It was definitely God’s timing and I’m thankful I had you on the radio for so much of my trip.” – Pam

Thank you for all you do each day to bring God to your listeners. Maybe it’s some laughter to brighten my day or a word to encourage me. I have been homebound with a new baby since December. After that, Covid hit and I had two other children to homeschool. Thank you for the great music, awesome and timely words from God and being yourself. Sometimes knowing there are other “real” people in the world is a blessing.” – Renae

“I heard you asking for donations on Friday and think God is telling me to give you $500. I’m not a rich man, but someone just paid me what they owed me. Back in 1990, I messed up my life. I actually drove to a country road to end my life. Going 100mph, I heard a voice from the back seat saying NO! I believe it was God’s voice. There is a song by We Are Messengers called “Point to You” that asks how can I forgive others if I can’t forgive myself. On the radio, I heard the announcer say, “Forget your past. You can’t change it.” That has helped me change.” – Don

I listen 6 days a week while I’m carrying mail out in the country and I love Spirit FM. It sure makes my job so much better and feeds my soul. Thank you for what you do everyday for your listeners and especially me! I’ll keep listening with a smile and joy in my heart. -Teresa