Listener Thoughts

Our listeners love our station and we love our listeners! Below are just some of the things our happy listers have said about is….

I’m pleased to be a supporter of your station. Winning more souls to Jesus Christ is the most important thing, above all else.
We keep Spirit fm on 24/7 in our kitchen and when I’m in the car. Thanks for all you do.
Love the uplifting message for every day! Just got the app to listen on my android!
My wife and I enjoy listening to you while we are driving, thanks for being there in the morning for us Jim and Karen. Question though, from time to time you give all the call letter to the different stations you have around Missouri, but never the frequencies. I travel a lot around Missouri and I know that you have a station or translator in the area, but I do not know where to find it on the dial.
I so love this station! I don’t know where I would be without it. I turn it on when i get up in the morning and it plays all day in my house . It is the best Christian station that I have heard with DJ’s that are led by the spirit of God. I am so blessed by the music and programs…you are truly an inspiration and a breath of fresh air to my spirit♥
I started listening to spirit fm a few months ago and I now keep my radio on 24/7 just on this station. The encouragement and the positivity is just what I need in my life especially right now while going through some hard times. Thank you spirit fm team! God bless you all
Great radio station, I love that they don’t go to advertisers for their funding but they rely on God and his provision and the hearts of believers donating to keep them on the air. Most of all they only preach the truth they don’t change because the world is changing and the world view of America is changing. They stick to a biblical world view.
Spirit FM has been a constant in our family since right before we had our first child! He will turn 16 in a few months. Now we are blessed to also have The Pulse Channel to speak life into our family! God has blessed through this station. Thank you for all the you do for our community and beyond.
Love love love it! They can make me laugh and cry all in the same hour.
I like and enjoy all the different genres of music that the Lord has blessed my ears to hear. Amen. There is a reason for all music.
I love it! I drive almost 100 miles roundtrip Monday through Friday to work, the music and sermons keep me going.
Love love love it! They can make me laugh and cry all in the same hour.