Brook Ullum

Rise & Shine with Brook  


Missouri has always been my home and while I enjoy the peaceful echos of the country, I also enjoy the sparkle of the cities, as well. Speaking of sparkle, I say leave a little everywhere you go, and I truly do try to live by that. Jesus has gifted me with so many opportunities to merge my talents into ministry and radio is just one more. I am always wanting to share a life hack, a place to get a bargain or a story that encouraged me with listeners. Bringing joy AND Jesus music to someone’s morning is a blessing I don’t take for granted. I love animals, shopping and reality shows. Mom to 3 and Glamma to 2.  If it’s pink or is glittery, I love it…just call me ‘Middle-Aged Barbie’. 

Jenn Pooler



Just a woman trying to share Jesus all over Missouri.  I fell in love with radio in 2005 and continue to be amazed that God would give me talents and skills to use alongside my passion.  I love music and feel that God uses it to speak directly into our lives. I’m a big fan of coffee (any way it comes) or a good cup of tea.  I love to laugh and make others laugh. Not afraid to talk to anyone, the phrase “never met a stranger” may describe me best. I enjoy singing, movies and shopping. I like to share things with people.  Let’s share our lives together.

Jackie Moore

Just a Little Moore with Jackie


I was born in the St. Louis area. When I was younger, my dad and I had a band that played all around northern Missouri. When I lost my dad, later I moved to the lake area in Southern Missouri, performing in the lake shows. Got married and we have a beautiful daughter named Faith! I love humor and making people laugh. Most of my life has been singing. God then opened the door to Christian radio, which was not on my radar. Lol. So thankful when I do hear from the Lord and follow His lead!  I love our listeners and It’s a blessing to be used by God over the air waves! 

Amanda Brooks



Jesus, People, and Mtn. Dew is how I would sum up my life in 3 words. I love Jesus with all my heart and try to follow Him faithfully, even when it’s hard. I owe all my life to Him. People matter very much to me. I want others to find the peace and joy that I’ve found in Jesus, and I want most of all for you to know that you are loved. And if there was a 6th love language, it would be Mtn. Dew. It’s my caffeine for each day! 

Eric Nichols



Radio has always had a special place in my heart. I never imagined that a childhood fascination with tuning into distant radio stations and recording shows on my Dictaphone would eventually lead to me being in radio, connecting with listeners near and far. I’m truly humbled and grateful to be able to share about hope found in Christ and to spend evenings with incredible friends like you!


Shawn Scheffler



My passion is People. My desire is to Win The Lost. My goal is Training Believers of all ages. I get to connect all of this through the ministries of Spirit FM and in our local church.  Over the last 30 years I have served as a KidMin Pastor and worked in the Retail Industry.  In 2020, sensing a transition, I became the Associate Pastor in our church.  My greatest accomplishments include marrying my beautiful wife of 26 years, Jayneen. Together, we’ve navigated life’s journey, and it led us to adopting three amazing daughters: Deborah, Kristin, and Alysa.  I am also “Papa” to 6 of the best grandchildren. In my free time I enjoy writing and have authored and helped published several books.