Spirit FM Team Qualifications:
Be at least 18 years of age.
Commitment to Christ through a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
Commitment to a Local Church – Volunteering should never be seen as a substitute for
commitment to a local church.
Commitment to Spirit FM – Team members believe in and agree with the ministry of Spirit FM.
Commitment to Confidentiality – Team members never disclose or discuss with any outside party
the sensitive information that may be viewed or heard during any Spirit FM activities.
Commitment to Dependability – Team members will be dependable and on time for projects and
Spirit FM Team members must be able to deal with extreme weather conditions, lift 50 lbs
and walk/stand for long periods of time.
Spirit FM Team members agree to refrain from:
The use of illegal drugs and narcotics
Excessive use of alcoholic beverages
Acts of dishonesty
Physical, verbal or sexual harassment of staff, volunteers or others
Any other behavior that is not God-honoring