Brook Ullum

Morning Show Co-host & Promotions


Food:  NACHOS…AND SUSHI…but not together
Vacation:  Somewhere near a beach
Season:  Fall
Sport:  Shopping (yes, it counts when you do it like I do) 
Holiday:  Christmas
Drink: COFFEE!
Song:  It changes monthly…but will always love “Oh, How He Loves Us” 

How many years have you worked at Spirit FM?
Almost 8 years accumulative.

What do you love best about your job?
I love meeting listeners and sharing joy & Jesus whenever I can.

Most memorable moment at Spirit FM?
Too many to narrow it down to one. Everyday is a memorable moment in some way shape or form.

Something you may not know about me?
If you listen to the First Connection Morning Show, you pretty much know I am a transparent person so knowing me is easy 🙂