Business Partnership is a freely given donation from a business or church to help Spirit FM connect our listeners to God and to each other. It is not solicited or billed, but we do provide receipts once a month. Since we do not send out invoices, we strongly recommend that businesses and churches sign up for One Step giving. This insures that your donation will be made in a timely manner each month and you will be thanked on the air for your donation. It must also be stressed that in accepting a partnership donation, Spirit FM is not entering into a commercial arrangement with the business or church. The spirit of the FCC law is that donor acknowledgments are to inform the public of the source of station support, not to induce listeners to patronize the business. Spirit FM reserves the right to accept or reject any grants.

The following policies govern on-the-air donation thank you’s:


1. Minimum donation required to be thanked on-the-air is $40 a month.

2. Thank you’s will be read on-the-air in the month following receipt of a donation.

3. On-Air thank you’s will primarily mention the business name, location (or website) and the name of the donor. We may add a generic description of your business to the name if needed.

4. Even though Spirit FM is only required to acknowledge any given donation one time, we have established five levels of Business and Church Partnership:

BRONZE – $40/month…………………..3 thank-yous
SILVER – $80/month…………………….6 thank-yous
GOLD – $150/month……………………12 thank-yous
PLATINUM – $300/month………………24 thank-yous
DIAMOND – $500/month……………….48 thank-yous

No business partner may receive more than two thank you’s per day. Please remember that an underwriting donation is not buying commercials, but rather giving so that Spirit FM can do more ministry. They help inform the public of the source of our support.

5. Underwriting partnership thank you’s are read once each hour, with up to four being read consecutively each time.


A. A long or short program (such as Joyce Meyer, Focus on the Family, Joytime, A Quick Word, or Lighten Up with Ken Davis) can be underwritten for a monthly donation of $300. This kind of sponsorship is thanked at the beginning of the program sponsored.
B. A two hour weekend specialty program, such as the Weekend Top 20 or Worship with Andy Chrisman, can be underwritten for $75 per weekend or $300 for the whole month. A weekend program sponsor will receive at least two thank you’s per hour of their sponsored program and each week’s program would be exclusive for that week’s sponsor.

Please call Jim McDermott, 800-336-0917, if you have questions concerning sponsoring a program on Spirit FM.

We appreciate our business and church partners and consider them a part of the Spirit FM family. It is imperative that partners view their donations as support for our programming and not advertising. We believe that if you use your business resources to advance the Kingdom of God, you will be blessed.

Revised 10/21/2022